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Payment Terms

Net 30 days from date of invoice.


For regrinding (and other product shipments) all shipments are FOB: Shipping Point with the all freight cost paid by the customer, unless otherwise noted on quotation.

Any discrepancy in quantity or material description on regrind or new tool orders should be reported within 15 business days of receipt of shipment. Otherwise, the shipment will be considered correct and due for payment.

Minimum Billing

$150 minimum on regrinding orders.

Finance Charge

1-1/2% finance charge per month on unpaid balances after 30 days.

Contact Customer Service to request a regrinding price list.

Please include your name, company name, address, phone number and fax number.

Lindsey Huggins - Human Resource Generalist

Some days, I really feel like I make a difference in the world through what I do at work.

Lance Calvert - Walters Operator

I enjoy the challenges of tool grinding. I work hard to produce quality parts that are done correctly the first time so rework cost is not an issue.

Linda Province - Customer Service

I enjoy meeting customer needs and building good relationships. We take care of our US Tool customers like family.

Denny Bouse - Plant Manager

I started at an entry level position and was able to work up through the company. I’ve known many people who have found their way into positions that they would not have necessarily expected. The company recognizes contributions and if you put it in the effort, it is rewarded.

Kathy Jones - Manufacturing Material Handler

When I started working here in 1988, it was a small company with great family values. 30 years later, we’ve grown to 900 employees, and the same core values still apply.



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